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How to buy a house in Malaysia?

Posted by Admin on March 23, 2023

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Are you tired of renting a home and want to own your own house?

Buying a house in Malaysia can be an exciting journey, but it is important to know the rules. In this article, we will discuss how to buy a house in Malaysia so that you can make the most out of your purchase!

The process of buying a house in Malaysia isn’t too complicated if you know what steps are needed. With some guidance and knowledge, anyone can become a homeowner. It’s all about having the correct information and taking action on it. Here, we’ll provide tips and advice on how to go about purchasing a property in Malaysia.

Buying a house is one of the most significant investments you will ever make – not just financially, but emotionally as well. So take the time to read through our guide and equip yourself with the necessary skills to make informed decisions throughout the process.

You have nothing to lose except stress when following this guide – so let’s begin!

Property Market Overview

Buying a home in Malaysia can be a great experience. Before diving into the buying process, it’s essential to understand the property market and how best to go about purchasing your first home. The loan agreement and property price are two major factors that will come into play when you buy a house in Malaysia. 

Property prices vary depending on the location and size of the house, so make sure you research thoroughly before making any commitments. Stamp duty is also something that needs to be taken into account when budgeting for your new home.

When applying for a home loan, banks require specific documents, such as proof of income or an appraisal report from accredited agencies. It’s essential to read up on all types of loans available to determine which one suits your financial situation best. Understanding these aspects of the Malaysian housing market will give you peace of mind while searching for your perfect home.

Types Of Properties Available

When it comes to buying a house in Malaysia, there are many types of properties available. Whether you’re looking for your first home or an investment property, there’s sure to be something that fits your budget and needs. 

Here is a list of the different types of houses you can buy: 

  • Condominiums/Apartments 
    • These are multi-unit dwellings in buildings with shared facilities such as swimming pools and playgrounds. They come in various sizes and prices depending on the location and amenities offered. 
  • Semi-Detached Houses 
    • These usually consist of two connected homes sharing one wall but having separate entrances, driveways, gardens etc. 
  • Linked Houses
    • Also known as terrace homes, these comprise several units linked together by common walls. Still, they also have their own individual entrance and car park space.

If you’re considering buying a house in Malaysia, then research the current market trends to know what kind of house price range is reasonable for your desired area. It’s also important to consider how much home loan financing you need and ensure you get pre-approved before searching for the perfect place.

With all this information, you’ll be able to find the right property for you!

Important Factors To Consider

When deciding to buy a property in Malaysia, you should consider several important factors. Firstly, it is essential that you have an understanding of the purchase price and what kind of housing loan you can get. You must assess your financial situation to see if you can comfortably afford the home loan. Additionally, it’s wise to research interest rates offered by different banks to ensure you’re getting the best deal available.

Location is another factor to consider when buying a house in Malaysia. Finding out about local amenities such as schools or public transport links is crucial before making any final decisions. This way, you’ll be able to determine whether or not the area meets your lifestyle needs and budget constraints.

Lastly, bear in mind that property prices vary depending on geographical locations within Malaysia; some areas may offer more affordable options than others. So do your due diligence and shop around for the right property at the right price!

Budgeting For Your Home Purchase

Before you decide to buy a house in Malaysia, it’s essential to think about your budget. You’ll want to figure out how much money you can afford for the monthly instalment and loan amount. It’s also helpful to know what fees are involved in making this purchase. 

When buying a home in Malaysia, there is usually a booking fee that must be paid first. Additionally, some developers offer stamp duty exemption which may help reduce the cost of purchasing a house.

When deciding on your budget, ensure you have enough money each month after paying your loan repayment. You don’t want to struggle financially or be unable to meet other obligations just because you’ve bought a house! 

Make sure that whatever budget you decide upon fits into your lifestyle comfortably so that owning property does not become an extra burden for yourself or your family.

Finding The Perfect Home

Once you’ve budgeted for your home purchase, it’s time to find the perfect home. If you want to buy a house in Malaysia, there are many resources available that can help you find what you’re looking for. You can start by talking to real estate agents who specialize in Malaysian homes and know the area well. They can point out areas that fit your budget and show you properties within your price range.

It would be best to look online at any listings of Malaysian dream homes on websites like PropertyConnect for new launch properties or Iproperty for sub-sales properties. These sites have comprehensive directories of potential homes, so they’re great places to get an idea of what houses are out there. Consider both new launch and sub-sales options when searching for a place, as this could save you money while still providing you with the home of your dreams.

Home buying doesn’t have to be intimidating! With some research and preparation, anyone can become a savvy home buyer in no time. Take advantage of all the information available from local real estate experts and use websites such as Zillow and Trulia to compare different types of homes before making a decision. This way, home buyers will feel more confident about their choices and make decisions based on knowledge rather than emotion.

Understanding Interest Rates And Loan Repayments

When you’re buying a house in Malaysia, understanding interest rates and loan repayments is really important. Here’s how to make sure that you get the best deal: 

1. Research home loan interest rates – Check out different banks’ offers to find the most suitable rate for your needs. 

2. Check your credit score – A good credit score will help you qualify for lower interest rates on loans. 

3. Apply for a housing loan – Fill up an application form with all necessary documents and submit it at the bank of your choice. 

4. Calculate debt service ratio (DSR). This shows the amount of money left over after paying off debts, so use this when deciding what type of loan is right for you. 

5. Submit Loan Application Forms – Ensure all forms are complete and accurate before submitting them to ensure timely processing time. 

6. Wait for Approval & Signing Documents- Once approved, sign all related documents and wait patiently until they are processed by the bank or financial institution providing your loan. 


Buying a house can be intimidating, but these steps can help ensure you get the best possible deal! Keep in mind that having a good credit history, proper research into available options, and accuracy in filling out applications is vital when applying for a home loan in Malaysia.

Obtaining A Housing Loan

To buy a house in Malaysia, you need to get a housing loan. There are many banks that offer these loans and the requirements for approval vary from bank to bank. Generally speaking, having good credit is one of the most essential steps towards getting approved for a loan. You’ll also have to fill out an application form and provide other relevant information, such as income and employment status.

Once your loan has been approved, you will be required to sign a loan agreement with the bank. This document sets out all the terms and conditions of your loan, including interest rates and repayment periods. For first-time home buyers, it’s essential to read through this document carefully before signing anything so that you understand what you’re agreeing to. Additionally, it may be beneficial to check the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) report beforehand as this will give you an idea of how much money you can borrow based on your current financial situation.

Calculating The Debt Service Ratio

When buying a house in Malaysia, it’s essential to calculate your debt service ratio. This is the amount of money you owe compared to how much income you make. It helps determine if you can afford a home and what kind of payment plan you’ll need to pay the balance.

To figure out your debt service ratio, there are four things you should do:

  • Work out your total monthly income from all sources 
  • Calculate all your debts, including car loans or credit card bills 
  • Add up all your expected expenses (including property taxes) 
  • Divide your total liabilities by total income to get your debt service ratio

You should seek help from property agents or financial advisors when calculating this number. They understand the market and know exactly how much first-time home buyers can afford. Plus, they have access to loan programs that may be more suitable for those with lower incomes who still qualify for a mortgage.

Once you’ve determined the amount of money you can borrow, it’s time to start looking at properties! Make sure not to overextend yourself financially so that all future payments will be manageable and affordable. 

Other Costs Related To Buying A House

Now that you’ve calculated your debt service ratio, it’s time to look at the other costs related to buying a house in Malaysia. These include legal fees, booking forms and memorandums of transfer.

The legal fee is paid by both the buyer and seller to their respective lawyers for processing all relevant documents, such as the sales and purchase agreement (SPA). This amount will vary depending on the type of property being purchased. The booking form is used when offering or reserving a specific property. It must be signed by both parties before proceeding with any sale. A Memorandum of Transfer is also required, which serves as proof that ownership has been transferred from one party to another.

In addition to these costs, certain taxes are associated with owning a home in Malaysia such as stamp duty and real property gains tax (RPGT). Stamp duty can range from 1% to 3% for residential properties, while RPGT applies only if you own more than one property or sell within 5 years of purchasing. Therefore, it’s essential to factor in all these additional expenses when planning your budget for buying a house in Malaysia.

Creating Your Own House-Buying Strategy

Buying your first house can be daunting, but it’s doable if you plan ahead. There are several vital steps to follow when creating your own house-buying strategy: 

  • Research the Property Market: Before diving in and making an offer on any property, research the local market to get an idea of what properties cost in different areas. Look at recent sales prices for comparable homes and compare them with asking prices to get a good estimate of current values. 


  • Make Sure You Can Afford It: Once you’ve identified potential properties within your budget, make sure that you have enough money saved up for both the down payment and closing costs before looking into financing options. This will help ensure that you don’t end up overspending or getting stuck with payments you can’t afford later on.


  • Understand the Purchase Agreement: Get familiar with all the details in the purchase agreement before signing anything. A real estate agent or lawyer should be able to answer any questions about terms and conditions that may arise during negotiations. They can also help explain what home ownership entails regarding taxes and other legal matters.


Once these steps have been taken care of, it’s time to start shopping around for houses! Take some time to look at other listings online, attend open houses, or talk to friends who recently purchased their own homes to get ideas of what kind of place best suits your needs. Don’t forget to consider factors such as location, amenities, school districts, and more when making decisions about which properties might be right for you.

And finally, remember that even though buying a house is a major investment – it doesn’t need to be stressful; once everything has been sorted out properly, it’s just another step towards achieving long-term financial freedom!

When To Start Looking For A House?

When you are looking to buy your first home, it’s essential to know the best time to start searching for a property. If you have money saved up and are ready to purchase a new property, then now is the perfect time! The sooner you start looking, the more choices you will have in terms of location, size and price range.

Before embarking on this journey, do some research about buying a house in Malaysia so that you know what all the requirements and restrictions are. This way, when you find one that meets your needs, you can move forward with confidence knowing that everything has been taken care of properly. It also helps if you get pre-approved for a loan before diving into this process; many banks offer special rates or programs specifically tailored to first-time buyers who may not have as large a down payment available.

Once everything is set up and prepared, begin scouting for properties within your budget range. Look at listings online and visit multiple homes until you find one that stands out from the rest. Don’t rush yourself; take your time deciding which house would be ideal for your life and make sure to check out any potential issues like plumbing problems or foundation damage before signing anything. With patience and preparation, finding the right home should be an enjoyable experience that ends with rewarding results!

Tips For First-Time Home Buyers

When looking for a house, first-time home buyers should know the tips to make their process easier. Once you’ve found your dream home and are ready to buy it, there are certain steps you need to take before signing the booking form.

To begin with, read through all of the terms and conditions carefully in order to understand what is expected of you as a buyer. It’s important that you fully comprehend the commitment involved when buying a property so that there aren’t any surprises or misunderstandings later on. After doing this, you may want to consider engaging a lawyer who will be able to help advise you throughout the process if necessary. This can be especially helpful if this is your first time purchasing real estate.

In Malaysia, foreign purchasers can only purchase up to two residential properties without approval from relevant authorities. So if this applies to you, you must research beforehand to ensure everything goes smoothly after making an offer on the property. Also, remember not to rush into anything – take your time and don’t forget that patience is vital! Doing these things will give you greater confidence when taking such an important step towards owning your own home.

Tools That Can Help With Your House Search

When you’re buying a house for the first time, it can be overwhelming. There are lots of things to consider and tools that can help make the process easier. One great way to start is by finding your dream house online. You’ll get a good idea of what’s out there and maybe even find one you like quickly!

Another helpful tool is getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan from your bank or financial institution. This will give you an indication of how much money you have available to purchase a home. Also, don’t forget about government grants and subsidies – they may also give some assistance in buying a house.

If you’re looking at strata property, check out any management rules before signing up as this could impact on renovations or changes down the line. And suppose you need more advice on selecting the right place, consult with real estate agents who specialize in residential properties. In that case, they’ll know all the best places to look for your perfect home!

Preparing For Moving Day

Now that you’ve found the perfect home in Malaysia, it’s time to start preparing for moving day. As a first-time buyer, there are some essential steps that need to be taken before signing an agreement. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Get pre-approved for a loan. This will help determine your budget and give you an idea of how much money you can borrow from a lender. It also helps ensure that your payment history is up-to-date and reflects positively on your credit report.

2. Research insurance policies. You’ll need to determine which procedures best suit your needs and shop around for the most affordable rates. Ensure that the coverage includes property damage and liability protection in case something goes wrong with the house or its contents after you move in.

3. Prepare all necessary documents, such as proof of income, tax returns, bank statements, etc., so they’re ready when applying for a mortgage loan and closing on the house purchase agreement.

4. Contact utility companies about setting up services at the new address, like water, electricity, gas, cable/internet connection, etc., before moving to avoid unnecessary downtime without these basic amenities once you arrive at your new residence.

Take note of all these essential tasks before deciding to buy a home in Malaysia – this way everything will run smoothly during this exciting period! After completing these steps carefully and thoroughly, you should be prepared to turn the key on Moving Day and begin creating memories in your new space!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Buy A House In Malaysia?

Buying a house can seem like an intimidating process. But it doesn’t have to be! Knowing how long it takes is the first step in understanding what to expect when you’re ready to make that big purchase.

The time required to buy a house may vary depending on your situation and preferences. Still, it should take about two months or less from beginning to end. This timeline includes all the steps involved with making an offer, getting approved for financing, closing the loan and signing the final paperwork. 

During this period, you must research different properties and neighbourhoods before deciding which suits your needs best. You’ll also need to get pre-approved by lenders, so they know they won’t take too much risk if they approve your mortgage application. After that’s done, you’ll work with real estate agents and lawyers who will help facilitate the entire process until everything is finalized.

So while buying a house can take longer than other purchases, the payoff is worth it! Understanding each step along the way will help ensure that you find a property you love and can afford without any unwelcome surprises down the road. Don’t forget: With determination and patience, you could soon be moving into your dream home!

What Is The Average Price Of A House In Malaysia?

Buying a house is an exciting time for anyone. Suppose you’re thinking about buying a home in Malaysia. In that case, there are several things to consider – including the average price of a house. The cost of purchasing a property in Malaysia can vary greatly depending on your location and other factors. Here’s what you need to know:

1.        Location: Houses located in more urban areas tend to be more expensive than those located in rural or suburban areas.

2.        Size: Generally speaking, larger homes will cost more than smaller ones.

3.        Amenities: Homes with modern amenities like air-conditioning and high-end appliances will usually come with higher price tags as well.

4.        Age: Newer homes typically have higher prices than older ones since they often require less upkeep and repairs.

In order to determine the average price of a home in Malaysia, it’s essential to consider all these factors when researching and budgeting for the purchase of your new home. Doing so will help ensure that you get the best deal possible while still being able to afford all the features you want without breaking the bank! 

Additionally, don’t forget to look at any tax benefits associated with buying property in Malaysia which could make owning a home even more rewarding! With this information, you’ll be ready to start shopping around and finding your dream home soon!

Is Foreign Ownership Of Property Allowed In Malaysia?

Are you thinking of buying a house in Malaysia? Well, one important question to consider is whether it’s possible for foreign ownership. The answer is that yes, foreigners can buy property in Malaysia!

It’s not as complicated as you might think, either. All you need to do is find out if the local government allows non-citizens and non-residents to purchase land or buildings. Depending on where you are looking to buy, different rules may apply. For example, some states permit foreign purchases while others don’t. You’ll want to check with your local municipality before making any decisions about purchasing real estate in Malaysia.

Once you know what type of ownership is allowed for foreign buyers, then you can start researching other aspects like prices and availability. It’s always best to look around different areas to get an idea of how much houses are selling for and which ones would be most suitable for your needs. Don’t forget to factor in additional costs such as taxes and maintenance fees too – they all add up over time! 

With the proper knowledge and help from professionals like brokers or lawyers, buying a home in Malaysia should be a breeze.

Are There Any Additional Fees Associated With Purchasing A House In Malaysia?

When it comes to buying a house, everyone wants to know about the fees involved. Are there any extra costs associated with purchasing a home in Malaysia? Well, yes! There are some additional fees you’ll need to pay when buying property in this country.

First of all, you’ll have to pay legal and processing fees. These include stamp duty, calculated based on the value of your purchase, and lawyer’s fees for reviewing documents and other related activities. You may also be required to pay a mortgage registration fee if you take out a loan.

Other than that, various taxes are also associated with buying real estate in Malaysia. This includes Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT), Sales & Services Tax (SST) and Goods & Services Tax (GST). Different taxes will apply depending on where you buy your home from – whether it’s an individual or a developer. Researching these before making your purchase is essential so you can budget accordingly.

So, when considering purchasing property in Malaysia, make sure you factor all these potential costs into your calculations beforehand. That way, you won’t be caught off guard by any unexpected expenses down the line!


Buying a house in Malaysia can seem like an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be. You can find your dream home without any hassle with the correct information and resources. It typically takes around 2-3 months to complete a property purchase in Malaysia. 

Plus, if you’re eligible for certain tax benefits, you’ll also save some money! The average price of a house in Malaysia varies greatly depending on its location and features, so do your research before deciding. Foreigners are allowed to own property in Malaysia, too – make sure you budget for any additional fees associated with purchasing the property. 

Buying a house in Malaysia is possible; just be prepared and plan ahead!


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